New rules in the SU domain

This year, the SU domain was 22 years old, which in itself is already a lot. It can be safely regarded as a museum exhibit and a model of stability. He linked the past and the future, as a national and international at the same time. It is already possible to get into the story.

On the other hand, the domain is interested in the development of new registration rules. This is the first step towards modernization, which will add appeal and convenience of life in the domain SU.

In 2002, adopted a package of documents that define the rights and existence in the domain. Yet the basic rules are the same, which led to their irrelevance. The question of the development of new rules has long been in limbo, and that has pushed to solve the problem right now is still a mystery.

The question of nationality

SU domain controls the “Internet Development Fund.” When asked what was the reason for the update of the Rules, the organization responsible for the new rules in the domains RU / RF and program New qLTD. The third reason for the update – it’s incorrect use of domain names. Therefore, even with a delay, but still need to develop new rules of registration. Andrei Vorobyov, Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations RU-CENTER, confirmed that the domain SU urgently needs new Regulation. He said that the code SU received the status of a reserved back in 2008, and the status of the domain behind him and hooked up to the present day. position domain.

Sergey Sharikov, director registrar, fully agree with A. Vorobyov. He says that for the successful development of the domain need new drivers. Otherwise, it is not clear, due to which it will be possible to compete.

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